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IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR NEW PATIENTS: Killingly Dental Care now has online booking available for new and existing patient appointments. Please CLICK HERE to book online. Once you have booked online, patient forms will automatically be sent to you by text and/or email. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING PATIENT FORMS: If you are a new patient filling out forms, please CALL our office when you have completed your forms so that we can assist in scheduling an appointment for you.

If you are a New Patient, Click Here For Your New Patient Forms.

If you are an Existing Patient, Click Here For Your Existing Patient Forms.
Please send up a photo of the front and back or your dental insurance card to [email protected].

By completing these forms, you ensure a seamless and contactless check-in process, you allow our administrative team to perform a courtesy insurance benefits check for you, and it allows your clinical provider to prepare for your visit ahead of time.

Want to know what to expect at your first visit?

The best part is, it’s tailored to you! We focus on your main concerns and really talk about your goals and what you’d like out of your dental care with us. You’ll experience one-on-one time with the doctor who will provide a very thorough exam for you. We collect photographs and other measurements to ensure an accurate baseline of your dental health so we can monitor you thoroughly moving forward. You and the doctor together will come up with a customized dental treatment plan, always focusing on prevention. We encourage you to ask questions about the dentistry, scheduling, finances, and everything else that dental visits entail. Each team member specializes in certain areas to provide you with optimal care and an exceptional experience..

  • For a printable version of our orthodontic referral, please Click Here

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