Night Guard

Congratulations, you have just invested in your custom-made myofascial repositioning temporomandibular joint orthopedic appliance, otherwise known as a “night guard.”

Your night guard appliance is repositioning your jaw joints to decrease inflammation in your jaw joints, and muscles and tendons of your face and neck, placing them into their most relaxed position. You should start to experience less tension headaches after wearing this appliance nightly. Your appliance is also protecting your teeth from wearing and chipping away and relieving excessive pressure on your natural teeth, implants, and or restorations such as crowns, bridges and fillings.

Please see night guard wear and care instructions below:

  • After brushing and flossing your teeth thoroughly, place night guard in at night at bedtime then remove it in the morning. Appliance should be worn consistently every night to accomplish its goals of decreasing inflammation.
  • It is normal if your teeth do not hit normally together for the first ten minutes after removing the nightguard. Your teeth naturally shift back into place.
  • Avoid using toothpaste or alcohol based products on your appliance – this can be abrasive
  • In the morning, brush night guard with a toothbrush and cool water (no toothpaste)
  • Monthly, soak it in denture cleaner – these denture cleaning tablets can be found OTC
  • Please bring your nightguard to your dental visits so we can evaluate the fit, fit it to any new restorations, and clean it in our machine for you.
  • Keep your guard away from animals, dogs love to chew them!!

Thank you for CHOOSING us to care for your dental and overall wellness. We appreciate you!

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