Crowns & Bridges

Temporary Crowns: You have just received a temporary restoration that will serve you only for a short period while your laboratory custom crown is being made. This will protect the tooth and holds the tooth in position so the permanent crown will fit properly. Temporaries are not strong. They may break or come off occasionally. If so, slip it back on the tooth with some toothpaste and call us for an appointment. Please do not let the temporary out of your mouth because the teeth will shift and the final restoration will not fit.
It is important to keep the area very clean. Swish with alcohol free mouth wash after meals, we recommend OTC Peroxyl ® peroxide rinse once a day. Brush the temporary crown normally. When you floss, pull the floss toward the gums then pull it through with one hand straight out of your mouth. In other words to NOT go back the same way you came in with the floss, otherwise, you could pull the temporary crown off. Avoid hard or sticky foods completely while wearing the temporary crown.
The size, shape, and color of the temporary crown does not resemble the final restoration.
Sensitivity to hot, cold, pressure, or sweets is not uncommon when wearing temporary crowns. If you feel the bite is not correctly balanced, please call for an appointment for a simple adjustment.

Crown & Bridge Final Restorations: After the final cementation of your restoration, it may take a few days to get used the new crown of bridge. Hot and cold sensitivity is possible for a few weeks and occasionally lasts several months. As with the temporary, if the bite feels unbalanced, please call us.
Avoid hard and sticky foods on the restoration for 24 hours from the time the crown was placed. The cement must fully set up during this time to have optimum strength.
Proper brushing (2-3 times daily), flossing (1-2 times daily) and regular cleanings (every 3-6 months) are required to help you retain your final crown or bridge. The only area that a crowned tooth can decay is at the edge of the crown around the gum line. Often, small problems that develop around the restorations can be found at an early stage and corrected easily, but waiting for a longer time may cause restoration and/or tooth failure.
1. For a period of three years from the date of service, we will replace the crown or bridge due to breaking, misfit, or decay at no cost to the patient. *
2. This warranty is null and void if the patient does not maintain their 6 month continuing care cleaning appointments.

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