Composite (White) Fillings



We have removed decay and restored your tooth with tooth-colored materials. The resin (plastic) material contains smaller “filler” particles of glass-like material for strength and resistance. These restorations will serve you well for several years. They contain the finest, most up-to-date materials available. You should be aware of the following information about your new restorations:

  • As with natural teeth, avoid chewing excessively hard foods on filled teeth such as ice, hard candy, raw carrots, etc. Resin material can break under extreme forces.
  • Composite fillings set up hard right away with the use of our curing lights. There is no waiting period to eat. Please do be careful not to bite your lip or tongue if you’re numb. Anesthesia can last up to 4 hours.
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold is common for a couple of weeks after having a tooth worked on. Usually, the deeper the cavity, the more likely sensitivity will happen and the longer it will take to dissipate. Symptoms should be progressing with each passing day, if you’re concerned of ongoing discomfort, please call our office for a quick examination of the area. If the bite feels unbalanced, as though you’re teeth aren’t coming together correctly, please come in for a bite adjustment. Fillings are strong and will not “settle” or wear down on their own.
  • The gum tissue may have been irritated during the procedure and may be tender for a few days along with the anesthetic injection site. Warm salt water rinses or Colgate Peroxyl ® Mouthrinse (OTC) 2X/day will help these areas heal quickly.
  • Your jaw may be sore after being open for a long procedure of from an injection site. If you grind or clench your teeth, there was inflammation in your jaw already and this procedure may have exacerbated these symptoms. Please follow our “TMJ Physical Therapy” on our website under “POST-OP INSTRUCTIONS” page. Please call the office if jaw joint irritation persists more than 2 weeks.
  • The finished restoration may be contoured differently and have a different texture than the original tooth. Your tongue will magnify this small difference at first but after 3 days but you will become accustomed to it withing a few days.
  • Proper brushing, flossing, and keeping up with your recommended cleanings are essential for long term stability, longevity, and appearance of your restorations. Often, problems that may develop with fillings can be found at an early stage and repaired easily, while waiting longer can lead to more extensive treatment.
    • When a tooth has a cavity, the dentist removes the decay and fills the hole with filling material, the tooth supports the filling. The ideal filling is no more than 50% of the tooth, this leaves at least half the tooth to support the filling. A crown is indicated if there is not at least 50% of healthy tooth structure left, a crown will go all the way around the tooth to hold it together and prevent the tooth from weakening and breaking. Broken teeth many times can no longer be saved.

Please call our office with any questions. We sincerely thank you for CHOOSING us for your dental and overall wellness. We are COMPLETE HEALTHY DENTISTRY.

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