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Your comfort is our #1 priority! Let us know how we can make your experience the best it can be. We offer heated massage dental chairs, movies, and music of your choice, noise-cancelling over the ear headphones, pillows, blankets, coffee, tea, cold towelettes.

Our LATEST TECHNOLOGIES provide higher quality dental care and a more efficient, comfortable visit for our patients. The Wand® is our computerized single tooth anesthesia, no-needle numbing system. Our ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP30 digital Panoramic x-ray system takes high quality images of your whole mouth in an instant. Our CAVITRON® Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Machine eliminates the bulky scraping tools and provides a more thorough and comfortable dental cleaning.


Greater satisfaction for our patients! Here are some recent patient responses:

  • I have never beenmore satisfied with and prefer The Wand vs. the syringe. I am so happy my dental office offers this new technology!
  • I love that my comfort here is a priority. I had my entire dental procedure done pain-free!

Pain-Free Anesthesia with The Wand

The Wand is a state of the art digital local anesthesia system that eliminates the injection. Our patients have been raving about our new technology. You can hold a business meeting or eat a great meal as soon as you leave our office, no more numbness of the tongue and lip! The Wand Computer Assisted Anesthesia System is here to increase the level of comfort for all our patients.

Read below to learn about The Wand; Our Single Tooth Anesthesia Technology:

  • Significantly more comfortable than traditional numbing techniques
  • Numbing works immediately, no waiting around. We value your time!
  • Greatly reduces dental anxiety
  • Can eliminate numbnessof the lip and tongue
  • Able to talk normally and eat immediately after dental work
  • Benefit from the most modern technology
  • Can go straight back to work without a numb face.

CAVITRON® Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

The CAVITRON® Ultrasonic cleaner vibrates at the speed of sound to provide the most gentle and most effective dental cleaning you've ever had! This is the state-of-the-art instrument for removing tartar from both above and below the gum line. Instead of cleaning your teeth with bulky and sharp metal hand tools, the Cavitron has a blunt tip and uses oscillating sound waves to gently vibrate the tartar away from your teeth.

ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP30 Panoramic X-ray Machine

Better diagnostics and more comfortable x-rays with panoramic imaging. The ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP30 is our top quality digital panoramic x-ray system. This technology is used to capture well-defined, high-quality images — in an instant — with consistent magnification and image uniformity. Your full-mouth x-ray is done in just 20 seconds and is wheelchair accessible! Complete your patient scans in just a few simple steps: using the touchscreen control panel, select the imaging projection, choose the appropriate patient size, and take the scan. It’s truly that fast and easy!

Enjoy our HD TV's for a wonderful dental experience. Our renovated reception room is a comfortable area to relax and feel right at home!

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